My socks

Finished with these and am happy with the stitch definition and the colorway but some how these are really loose.  This is Serenity Sock Yarn the Deborah Norville line and I love the feel, very soft and very warm.  I wore the socks yesterday to work and they will definitely be winter socks.   I started on another pair and am going to work on those along with some other UFO’s to clean up the knitting mess that is going on in my life right now.   Although I hate lists I think it might be time for one on the side bar just to keep track of what needs to get finished.


After much debate and thought, I got labels made from Heirloom Woven Labels, it feels so official as if the labels justify or add prestige to my handmade textiles.  Funny what a little piece of fabric with your name on it does to your mindset.  It’s weird, but I’m getting use to the idea that when I knit or weave these will be proudly sewn into the items.

I sewed them into my shrugs to see what they looked like, what do you think??

I don’t know what to make of them, I like them, but it’s just a strange feeling to see them on there.

The hubby has socks!  Yep I finished them, they’re soft , warm and he loves them.  Even the strange gusset doesn’t look so bad after a bath and dry.

I also cast on for MY socks, with all the sock yarn I’ve bought socks are going to be a predominate fixture to the knitting repertoire at least for a few weeks.  It’s nice to have some small projects to work on. 

I also got called in to jury duty, urrrghhh, I so don’t like going downtown to the government building.  It’s not a safe neighborhood and the parking is 10 city blocks away, never mind the place to eat for lunch.  I’m  really not looking forward to June 1, but I called and they said I could bring my knitting with me and if they didn’t the needles were weapons they’d let me take them into the jury pool area.  Hopefully my Chiaogoo bamboo size 2 (2.75mm) dpns are not enough to alarm the officers, although I could poke some annoying lawyer in the eye, hehe…. shhhhh let’s not tell them its just our little secret.

I started knitting socks, I thought I would never go to the dark side but I’m finding that I really enjoy the rhythm of the sock.  Lately all I think about are socks,  it’s got to be something in the water. LOL..

This is hubby’s socks, I made a mistake on the gusset but it fits his size 12 and I didn’t want to really rip back.  So I’m calling these the scary gusset socks.

Here’s a better pic so you can see just how scary they really are, but we’ll see this puppy to the end for the most annoying part the Kitchener Stitch, yikes.

I’ve been shopping for some sock yarn because I must learn to knit socks correctly, nothing like new yarn for inspiration!  The Berroco Comfort Sock  which is acrylic and nylon,  came from my local LYS, but they didn’t have anymore, not that I wanted to buy anymore, because since I wasn’t purchasing the expensive stuff they were not really excited to help me out, I wish we had another store closer, I’m never impressed with this place.  So just one ball for a pair of shorties, it has a great feel soft and smooshy, Berroco is another one of my favorite yarns I have yet to be disappointed with them.  The Deborah Norville Serenity Sock Yarn by Premier Yarn was on sale at Joann Fabric’s a real deal at $ 3.25/ea.  I’d heard of the Norville line of yarn but had never seen it in any of the big box stores, so I was really happy when I saw it and got enough for two pairs, of course there was a limit on how much you could buy and the selection was limited, so I got Thyme (green) and Purple Spice all condiment names I thought was really interesting choices.  Looks like they’ll be nice to work with they are bamboo, super-wash merino and nylon. 

I posed the question on Rav in the Frugal Knitters forum about what to do with used crew socks, with holes. My hubby and two menchildren have size 12 & 13  for feet, they all wear crew socks everyday.  Needless to say they go through a lot of socks, but they get worn out either at the toes or heel, but the instep is alway in great condition. Tons of suggestion came through and great ideas, I love the forum, nothing like a bunch of creative minds working together.  Some folks suggested I fill them with herbs for heating pads,  sock puppets etc…  all great but not quite what I had in mind, I really wanted to turn the socks in to yarn.

     So I got to thinking so what can I do to use up the socks and have a useful product?   I could make a rag rug of sorts and looking through the Mason Dixion knitting book   I found a rag rug project  made out of those nylon pot holder loops ( this was also a suggestion from the group along with pot holders).

The following is a  Tutorial on how to cut up the crew socks and get the loops it’s very easy but I thought I put it on here in case anyone else would be so inclined to play with old socks.

Step 1 –  Gather up some clean socks everyone was more than happy to give me their old sock as you can tell these have see better days. I had 10 pairs in this batch.

 Step 2 – Lay the sock flat and cut off the toe and heel, if you have tube socks cut off the toe and ribbing. Toss out the toe and heel or ribbing, they have served their purpose and their services are no longer needed.

Step 3 – Cut the center body into 1” or 1 1 /2″ strips, I just eyeballed it since I’m not anal and this is not a going to be a museum piece,  no one will ever know if some are thicker than others and really who would care?

Step 4 – Stretch each loop and it will curl up on itself with the loopy side out. Once that’s done knot them on to each other.

Put the one loop over the other, take the loop that is under and push it through the center hole made by both loops this will tie them together, stretch to tighten the knot.

Continue knotting until you run out of loops, then take the whole thing and put it in a laundry bag , wash and dry, this will get all the little bits off your loops, this is a messy process and you will have cotton fuzz everywhere. Although the next time I do this I think I might wash the loops first then knot them, it may create less fluff to fly around.


Final Step – Roll your yarn,  if you don’t have enough yarn don’t worry you can always add to your yarn with newly discarded socks.


Shruggie for Me

I finished the Pimlico Shrug and I love it, very warm and smoochy, although the temps here are 80+ and won’t be coming down anytime soon, my shrug  will  be great for next fall and winter.

This weekend the hubby and eldest DS were off to an event I couldn’t attend, my DD when to visit her BF and my other DS was busy with church activities.  This meant ME time, oh how completely wonderful, as least I thought.  We had a break in one of the pipes in the kitchen, the plumbers opens 5 holes inside and outside the house.  The insurance adjuster told us we needed to get the flood clean up crew in the house to dry out the drywall as to not get any mold.  Oh gee fun!!  Well they left 5 industrial dryers, and to gigantic humidifiers in the house running ALL weekend long.  So much for the me time.

After running some errands and doing chores on Saturday, I decided I needed to get cracking on some FO’s I had.  First the lacy tam I left two months ago because I was frustrated with the lace pattern, not that it’s hard but I need extreme quite time to do lace, my mind just doesn’t concentrate on the YO, k2tog, ssk in multiple sequences.  I stuck to it and completed it I was so happy to see it off the needles.

And just in time my DD’s BFF’s birthday is May 3rd, how cool is that?