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This is my Windmill bag. I found on Ravelry and is the pattern of a very talented lady.   I loved working on this it was simple yet intriguing I had fun making it and am sure I’ll use the poor thing to death.  But then I could just make another one.  I think I want to weave one, I’ll have to plan that out and see how it would work. 

The next pic is my Pièce de résistance my ruana, if you follow my blog, you’d know that I started this one yes (1) year ago.  It was an on and off love affair with the yarn, sticks and garter stitch.  I must say I love the ruana, for all it’s knitting monotony I love the the finished piece, and hope to use the heck out of it in the years to come.


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I started knitting the Cable Lux Tunic,which was a free download for a KAL.  It wasn’t until I had this much done that I found out that there is a mistake in the yoke cable strip, well quite a few mistakes within the the whole pattern according to the KAL group on Ravelry.  Since I had about 12″ done and I wasn’t going to rip it out I decided that it can stay, because I’ve seen the un-mistake cables and really don’t like them anyway.  I found that my gauge is a little off but it’s alright because I’ve read on Rav that this yarn tends to grow.  I also decided that I will make this one into a cardi, I seen some really nice pictures of it that way and think I will use it more in that fashion.  My issue will be how to knit it in the round, the button bands garter or rib, cuffs or no cuffs and pockets, because I just cant see a cardi with no pockets.

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I have always loved the thought of starting a long term project, something that can be done while I watch tv or sit in bed listening to the radio, but geez, does that get old fast.  I’ve been working on the Stash Busting Entrelac Afghan and I bound off the top triangles, yes *happy dance* I did the edging  and it’s fini’.  Since I switched colors every row, I have a massive amount of ends to weaving in and as most knitter’s know weaving in ends a curse.  I really don’t enjoy doing it, but of course must in order to have a completed object.  I have decided to do easy peasy garter stitch edges so as to not tax my brain and my hands which hurt as I work on this one because of it’s sheer weight.  I’ve got what I’ve been calling knitter’s pinkie, cause those are the most affect digits hehe.

The bottom photo is of the reverse side, someone asked if I could post a pic of it so here it is. You can tell is lumpy, bumpy and forms these great ridges, I love the textural effect of it, but it’s not as pretty as the front.

Another lifer as I’m going to call it, is the Folk Shawl Ruana, I took it to work so that I can knit at lunch time and I must say there has been progress on it.  I’m past the opening for the neck and on my way to the second half.  I may just be able to finish this one before Thanksgiving.  I think will also take it to knit nite on Wednesdays so hasten the progress, since I may need it.  The temps are down in the 60’s today and I hope it stays that way, it would be a Godsend, from the 90’s we’ve had all summer. The neon yellow strip is the center strip for the collar which will be worked after the ruana is completed. Now all I need to do it keep the same color combination in reverse, this should be fun.

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