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I knitted this entrelac afghan

a while ago and it’s gotten some really good use, if not by the intended giftee, my husband,  but by my dog she loves to lay on it and when she’s not on it, anyone on the couch that is chilly uses it.  The other day this cause a bit of an ” I want” with this ghan we were watching  TV and the AC was really cold so everyone needed a cover up, well actually I needed a cover up. 

I’d been toying with a log cabin afghan idea for a while.  I wasn’t sure I’d really wanted to knit a whole afghan of small strips, just the thought of all those ends to weave in is a turn off.  I started with this

and soon convinced myself that although it looks okay it wasn’t what I wanted, it seems so regular, I don’t know, just not right.  I’ll take this one and make a bed for the dog since she’s in love with the other afghan, she can have her own.

Then I came across some really interesting log cabin blankets from a group on Ravelry – Log Cabin Fever, great group.  I saw that some people had made the log cabin squares with the same color on all sides, making  a block within a block, and this appealed to me.  So I cast on and started knitting these.

I’m planning to make the squares all different colors that I have in the acrylic yarn stash hoping to whittle that down to almost nothing. I bought my last skien of yarn for the year it’s the border color for this afghan, in espresso brown.    I’ve promised my self no new yarn until most of what I own as been worked up into something.  I think I will be working for a year or more and not really go through it all.  I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not?


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This is my Windmill bag. I found on Ravelry and is the pattern of a very talented lady.   I loved working on this it was simple yet intriguing I had fun making it and am sure I’ll use the poor thing to death.  But then I could just make another one.  I think I want to weave one, I’ll have to plan that out and see how it would work. 

The next pic is my Pièce de résistance my ruana, if you follow my blog, you’d know that I started this one yes (1) year ago.  It was an on and off love affair with the yarn, sticks and garter stitch.  I must say I love the ruana, for all it’s knitting monotony I love the the finished piece, and hope to use the heck out of it in the years to come.

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Socks, socks, socks

I posed the question on Rav in the Frugal Knitters forum about what to do with used crew socks, with holes. My hubby and two menchildren have size 12 & 13  for feet, they all wear crew socks everyday.  Needless to say they go through a lot of socks, but they get worn out either at the toes or heel, but the instep is alway in great condition. Tons of suggestion came through and great ideas, I love the forum, nothing like a bunch of creative minds working together.  Some folks suggested I fill them with herbs for heating pads,  sock puppets etc…  all great but not quite what I had in mind, I really wanted to turn the socks in to yarn.

     So I got to thinking so what can I do to use up the socks and have a useful product?   I could make a rag rug of sorts and looking through the Mason Dixion knitting book   I found a rag rug project  made out of those nylon pot holder loops ( this was also a suggestion from the group along with pot holders).

The following is a  Tutorial on how to cut up the crew socks and get the loops it’s very easy but I thought I put it on here in case anyone else would be so inclined to play with old socks.

Step 1 –  Gather up some clean socks everyone was more than happy to give me their old sock as you can tell these have see better days. I had 10 pairs in this batch.

 Step 2 – Lay the sock flat and cut off the toe and heel, if you have tube socks cut off the toe and ribbing. Toss out the toe and heel or ribbing, they have served their purpose and their services are no longer needed.

Step 3 – Cut the center body into 1” or 1 1 /2″ strips, I just eyeballed it since I’m not anal and this is not a going to be a museum piece,  no one will ever know if some are thicker than others and really who would care?

Step 4 – Stretch each loop and it will curl up on itself with the loopy side out. Once that’s done knot them on to each other.

Put the one loop over the other, take the loop that is under and push it through the center hole made by both loops this will tie them together, stretch to tighten the knot.

Continue knotting until you run out of loops, then take the whole thing and put it in a laundry bag , wash and dry, this will get all the little bits off your loops, this is a messy process and you will have cotton fuzz everywhere. Although the next time I do this I think I might wash the loops first then knot them, it may create less fluff to fly around.


Final Step – Roll your yarn,  if you don’t have enough yarn don’t worry you can always add to your yarn with newly discarded socks.


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Shruggie for Me

I finished the Pimlico Shrug and I love it, very warm and smoochy, although the temps here are 80+ and won’t be coming down anytime soon, my shrug  will  be great for next fall and winter.

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I started knitting the Cable Lux Tunic,which was a free download for a KAL.  It wasn’t until I had this much done that I found out that there is a mistake in the yoke cable strip, well quite a few mistakes within the the whole pattern according to the KAL group on Ravelry.  Since I had about 12″ done and I wasn’t going to rip it out I decided that it can stay, because I’ve seen the un-mistake cables and really don’t like them anyway.  I found that my gauge is a little off but it’s alright because I’ve read on Rav that this yarn tends to grow.  I also decided that I will make this one into a cardi, I seen some really nice pictures of it that way and think I will use it more in that fashion.  My issue will be how to knit it in the round, the button bands garter or rib, cuffs or no cuffs and pockets, because I just cant see a cardi with no pockets.

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Warm Hands Happy Heart

 I live in South Florida, does it get cold here?  Yeah, every once in a while you get  50’s or 40’s and it feels cold especially since it mostly 80’s and 90’s so any drop in temps and you feel it.  I usually have cold hands inside of air-conditioned areas, so when it drops the first things to go are my fingers and hands.  I started knitting a pair of hand warmers or wrist-lets or fingerless gloves these are the various names on Rav for them and decided that I wanted my own pattern.  Since designing the Pad Holder, I’ve been interested in designing other things so why not try something easy and quick, so some calculations, some cables and basic instructions and the results is one hand warmer, my left hand is so happy that my right hand is jealous, hehe,  but she won’t be for long I’m almost thru the second one and will be able to use them this week since the temps dropped enough so that I don’t look like I’m crazy. 

 I started on Saturday nite and finished up Sunday.  I knit it in the round with 4 dpn’s size US 8 and some Caron Simply Soft yarn.  Taking a good look at this pic,  my hands look like fatty tatty’s!!  lol  Oh and yeah I woven the table runner underneath my hand.

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Small Clutch

My nieces, the twins, started Jr. High this year, and became young ladies over the summer.  This event was much anticipated, because they thought of it as growning up, and lets face it at 11yrs old nothing can be more important than being considered a Teenager, driving and your BFF.  I thought it would be cute to give them something to hold their incidentals while they were at school, should the inevitable book bag spill on the floor, their pads would be noticed, trust me this is most embarrassing since it happened to me my first semester of jr. high, the horror.  So I came up with the Pad Holder, I knitted the prototype and typed out the instructions and chart, I must say I have a new found respect for any and all designers of knitwear, this stuff’s

exhausting,  shame on us end users for ever complaining about anything in a pattern!

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