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Moebius and Squares

I started this Moebius shawl a few months ago and have been knitting on it sporadically, when I have the time.  Today I had a mammogram and to keep myself calm I took this to knit on.

I consider this an odd knit, not because I don’t like the concept, but it’s kind of difficult to wrap your head around.  Once you get going it clicks and you just go, go, go.  I’m hoping to finish up with it at Knit Club tonite. 

This log cabin afghan  I’m working on as I watch TV, last nite we watched the Proposal, and it was a good flick, it also helped me finish the border on the last one of the squares.  From this point forward all the squares will have the border knit in, cause quite frankly I would just die if after all the squares were completed and then have to start the border, of course this epiphany could have come to me in the beginning, but then again, that’s why I knit to figure things out.


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I knitted this entrelac afghan

a while ago and it’s gotten some really good use, if not by the intended giftee, my husband,  but by my dog she loves to lay on it and when she’s not on it, anyone on the couch that is chilly uses it.  The other day this cause a bit of an ” I want” with this ghan we were watching  TV and the AC was really cold so everyone needed a cover up, well actually I needed a cover up. 

I’d been toying with a log cabin afghan idea for a while.  I wasn’t sure I’d really wanted to knit a whole afghan of small strips, just the thought of all those ends to weave in is a turn off.  I started with this

and soon convinced myself that although it looks okay it wasn’t what I wanted, it seems so regular, I don’t know, just not right.  I’ll take this one and make a bed for the dog since she’s in love with the other afghan, she can have her own.

Then I came across some really interesting log cabin blankets from a group on Ravelry – Log Cabin Fever, great group.  I saw that some people had made the log cabin squares with the same color on all sides, making  a block within a block, and this appealed to me.  So I cast on and started knitting these.

I’m planning to make the squares all different colors that I have in the acrylic yarn stash hoping to whittle that down to almost nothing. I bought my last skien of yarn for the year it’s the border color for this afghan, in espresso brown.    I’ve promised my self no new yarn until most of what I own as been worked up into something.  I think I will be working for a year or more and not really go through it all.  I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not?

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