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Here’s a pic of my Hermia sweater, it’s been slowly progressing and I have actually enjoyed knitting the lace portion of the peplum.  I need to try it on and figure out if I have enough repeats, the pattern calls for eight I have six so before I get going on the next set I will test it out and see.With all the sweater knitting I was needing an FO fix so I cast on and completed some socks last week.  I always get a little antsy when I take on large projects, because of course it takes time to knit a whole sweater especially if it’s stockinette in fingering weight and small needles, so I need a to cast on something small and non challenging to take  a break and regroup, it’s also useful if I get stuck on the lacey bit.  I would like to finish the sweater in time for Thanksgiving I hope I can accomplish that.


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