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I  finished my wisp, it was the first project I’ve ever knit with 100% cashmere yarn and had to block.  I love the results this is 500 yds of wonderfully soft yarn that turn into a great shawl.  I cast on double the stitches that the pattern called for and did 17 repeats of lace.I was intrigued about a Ravelry conversation of a wedding ring shawl, this shawl would be full size and can be pulled through your wedding rings, well I tried it with this shawl and it worked so I guess a quenched my curiosity with it.  Although it is a beautiful FO, the process was a bit of a PITA the yarn is really slippery and very thin, it took so getting use to.  I have 500 yds left over of which I still don’t have a project in mind, I’ve asked the Selfish Knitters group and they have suggested fingerless mitts with the yarn held double, a scarf, and a hat.  I think I leaning towards the scarf idea, but a cowl lacy, soft and drapey.


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