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This is the afghan I was crocheting for my son, I finished, washed and dryed it and has been given to him to use next winter, but with the A/C running in our house at full blast he’s had opportunity to wrap himself up.

 I started the Falling Water Scarf, which is lace and I’ve been knitting away, with lifelines to help,  I think I will be able to conquer lace after all.

 Then I was persuaded by this gorgeous 100yds of 100% cashmere yarn on ebay, OH MY WORD!! that stuff is ever so soft and the bonus is I’m not allergic to it.  After much discussion on Ravelry, a lot of ladies pointed out that I may have sensitivity to some yarns with wool, but not others with different animal fibers.  I was also informed that processing, dying and the various stages of  getting fleece to yarn could trigger my itchiness with wool.  Lots to think about and the best part is that I can start testing other fibers to see what I can handle or not,  this gives me hope for some really pretty yarn I’ve seen and been hesitant about.

With the wonderful Cashmere I’m knitting Wisp which I wanted ever since the pattern was posted in Knitty.com,  I’ve had to rip out because the yarn is very thin and if I’m not careful I pick up the stitches below the actual stitch and creates a mess.  So I have lifelines, counter, extra bright lighting and concentration when I work on this one. 

Then there is this, my mom’s table runner I’m doing this one on my lunch breaks at work.  It’s simple crochet single stitch with a triple stitch for some open work.  It’s my own pattern and I’m writing instructions as I go along, so far I really like the way it starting to look.  I’m using  Pisgah Yarn & Dyeing Co., Inc Peaches & Creme Ombres #147 Shaded Brown.  I have two cones and think I have more than enough to finish a table runner.


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