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Yet another pair of sox, these were done with Paton’s Stretch Socks yarn and they are wonderfully stretchy and comfy, they’re not extra warm and go great with my Crocs.  The pic below is the beginning of my HermiaSweater a pattern from Knitty Fall 2008, I love that website.  The yarn is Fantina, I think from the 70’s and it’s Belgium.  I tried to do some research but came up blank.  It’s 100% acrylic 2 ply very soft with with great sheen.  I’m enjoying the pattern, I decided that this is the knit I will take with me to club on Wednesday nites so it will take me a while to finish, but I think it’s a good pattern for yakking the nite away with the girls.

This piece is a scarf Falling WaterScarf, its a download from Ravelry, such enablers there, hehe..  So far I gone one repeat without ripping back, frogging or throwing it across the room, which reminds me I better put it a damn life line before I jinx myself, I think I’m coming along on the lace work, fingers and toes are crossed to keep away the bad lace karma nymphs.

And my final knitted FO is a Tam I started out as the pattern was written, but then modified the top to have a stockinette finish.  I loved the way it turn out and am hoping my DD friend agrees.  I also got to put in my label which was pretty cool.


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