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My Grand taught me to crochet when I was a kid, she always had a project for me to do during summer breaks.  I remember the endless stitches of double crochet and chains and more double crochet and single crochet etc…  I remember the ripping out of mistakes to my horror and pleas, but she would always say “you want it to look pretty don’t you?  Then anything worth doing you have to do it right. ”  I think about those little pearls of wisdom all the time now, since she’s been bed ridden and in a coma for over two years, how priceless the time I spent with her was.

Since there is yet another baby on the way and I thought about knitting another baby blanket, but on a visit to my mom’s where taking care of  my grand is her full time job, I happened upon one of my old crochet throws, I couldn’t believe it.  My mom says that she kept it all these years because I really worked hard on it and she didn’t have the heart to throw it out.  Now it covers my grands legs in bed all day and night, funny how that worked out.  I got  to thinkning I should refresh my crochet skills as not to loose what little I had retained and started this baby blanket. 

I found the pattern on Rav called Rectangular Granny Square Afghan by Erin Lindsey it’s exactly what the name suggests, and what fun.  I’ve been hooking away and really gotten some compliments from the gals at work over it.  I’m glad I revisited the crochet hook, I’d forgotten how many memories are tied up in a simple hook, yarn and a double chain stitch.


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