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Click on the link above and enjoy!  From our family to yours have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving!  God Bless.


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Cabled Hat

I started a cabled hat for my DD the pattern is from Cables Untangled by Melissa Leapman “simple cable hat”.  I must say it is simple but I ran into a snag, the pattern has a mistake the increase for the cables should be made in two rounds not one, after ripping back a few timeS, which I loathe doing, I emailed one of my knit buddies from knit nite and she gave me the heads up, thank God because I was starting to get frustrated.  So I’m working along and Love the pattern the cables are a bit of challenge and that just fine.  I’m glad I can get it without much hair ripping because I just downloaded the FREE pattern for the Cable Lux Tunic KAL, I won’t be starting until after the new year once I finish my FLS sweater that I’ve had on time out, because of the lace.

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Warm Hands Happy Heart

 I live in South Florida, does it get cold here?  Yeah, every once in a while you get  50’s or 40’s and it feels cold especially since it mostly 80’s and 90’s so any drop in temps and you feel it.  I usually have cold hands inside of air-conditioned areas, so when it drops the first things to go are my fingers and hands.  I started knitting a pair of hand warmers or wrist-lets or fingerless gloves these are the various names on Rav for them and decided that I wanted my own pattern.  Since designing the Pad Holder, I’ve been interested in designing other things so why not try something easy and quick, so some calculations, some cables and basic instructions and the results is one hand warmer, my left hand is so happy that my right hand is jealous, hehe,  but she won’t be for long I’m almost thru the second one and will be able to use them this week since the temps dropped enough so that I don’t look like I’m crazy. 

 I started on Saturday nite and finished up Sunday.  I knit it in the round with 4 dpn’s size US 8 and some Caron Simply Soft yarn.  Taking a good look at this pic,  my hands look like fatty tatty’s!!  lol  Oh and yeah I woven the table runner underneath my hand.

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I have another baby blanket I need to do (seems that everyone is pregnant lately) and I wanted to do something a little different than my usual knitted or woven variety.  I looked online and in Ravelry for Tunisian Crochet, found some great sites and folks that are willing to share and help.  I love fiber folks, they are the coolest people, everyone is always ready with help, encouragement and tips, kinda makes you wish that everyone in entire world were fiber folks.  This is the results of a few hours of crocheting.  I started this dish towel as a tester and I’m loving the process, it’s simple and looks incredible.  Being a weaver I love the effect this particular area of crochet forms with it looking as it’s woven and knitted all at once.  This towel will be a gift since I needed a complimentary one to the first I knitted. 

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Small Clutch

My nieces, the twins, started Jr. High this year, and became young ladies over the summer.  This event was much anticipated, because they thought of it as growning up, and lets face it at 11yrs old nothing can be more important than being considered a Teenager, driving and your BFF.  I thought it would be cute to give them something to hold their incidentals while they were at school, should the inevitable book bag spill on the floor, their pads would be noticed, trust me this is most embarrassing since it happened to me my first semester of jr. high, the horror.  So I came up with the Pad Holder, I knitted the prototype and typed out the instructions and chart, I must say I have a new found respect for any and all designers of knitwear, this stuff’s

exhausting,  shame on us end users for ever complaining about anything in a pattern!

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Update on Tom

So far I think it’s turning out really cute.  I stopped at 32 ridges for the body instead of the 40 EZ states, I was just so long I thought the kid would look as if he’s wearing a floor length coat.  I adjusted the top strips to 18 instead of 21 to compensate for the shorter body.  I hope it all works out btw,  those arm hole are huge!  I think that it’s a really easy pattern and am getting use to reading EZ’s style of writing.  Best of all I’m having fun which is what really counts.

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